Our players and their reactions

During all that has gone on in the past few days the most important aspect at the forefront of my mind is that of Malky Mackay and the job he has to do.

A large part of his job will be coaching, mentoring and convincing the squad of players that we can achieve results.

The vast majority of the players that are with us today are players signed by Malky Mackay.

Did these players sign because they were signing for Cardiff City?

Was the reason because we have Vincent Tan as the owner?

Did the players sign for money that was on offer?

Was it that Malky Mackay convinced them that under his management this was the place to be to further their career’s?

For me I believe they signed because of Malky Mackay and the vision he has for the team and the money that was on offer to become Cardiff City players.

Now because of what has happened in recent days, how will the players react to what has gone on?

Will there be a siege mentality within the dressing room in support of Malky and his staff? I hope that is the way the players go forward.

Or will there be a negative reaction and reflection in performances and results?

I am not suggesting that the players will give up on the cause but I think we will understand that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

As I am writing this thread it is angering me more that Malky is having to deal with this situation and the probable fall out it creates within the squad and staff.

The Moody situation didn’t happen overnight and I am not that naive to think otherwise but until it became as public as it has then maybe Malky was able to keep the players concentrating on football.

How do you think the players will react?

the players are going to face questions from the media no doubt about the sorry state of affairs and I suppose Malky will be very choosy who sits in on press conferences and gives pre and post match interviews.