‘ Dont Dismiss Joe Ledley ‘

‘ Dont Dismiss Joe Ledley ‘

By Annis Abraham

I know the media are saying its a virtually NO about Joe Ledley coming to Cardiff City.

But I am hearing Ledley is pushing to come home and would take a pay cut, rem he’s also a free agent.

I have also heard if Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock can get an increased budget of Tan, which I have heard Warnock has asked for, then Ledley would be on the cards for next season to be a Bluebird :thumbright: :bluebird:

Joe Ledley has bought a house in Penarth and yes Joe Ledley would love to move back to Cardiff and play for his hometown club, but also his family want to as well and Ledley loves being close to his family in Fairwater.

Joe Ledley a hero for Wales and it would be fantastic to also see Ledley be a hero and help get his hometown club Cardiff City promoted to the Premier League.