An update on the Malky Mackay situation

Are we better off this evening that we were this morning?

I thought the board meeting today would at least pave the way for us to move forward and try to put behind us this ridiculous situation that has embroiled the club over the past 7 days.

Up to the point of today’s meeting the head of recruitment was placed on gardening leave which then set off a chain of events that has had the national press and critics rounding on the powers that be at Cardiff City football club.

The head of recruitment position has been passed into the hands of a youngster with no previous experience of such a task.

The agent of Malky Mackay gives a press statement ahead of the meeting that, to me anyway, sent a clear message to Vincent Tan regarding his manager Malky Mackay, if you no longer want him as manager then you are going to have to do what you need to do because Malky is not walking despite what has gone on.

Iain Moody was placed on gardening leave after Vincent Tan was allegedly given misinformation by his chief executive Simon Lim.

Embarrassingly for our current chief executive it would seem that Iain Moody has done no wrong doing and that has been proved by a paper trail.

Malky Mackay is said to still be fuming with what has gone on and understandably so.

Iain Moody has been paid up by the club for the remainder of his contract.

Why do I ask if we are better off this evening than we were before the meeting today?

For me Malky’s position is untenable, he has had his right arm effectively chopped off and if for some bizarre reason Tan wants Malky to step down then quite simply he has to pay Malky’s contract up, Malky through his agent has stated he has no intention of walking away and who can blame him, I wouldn’t walk away from a job and its contract when my position was being undermined in such a manner.

Tonight Malky is still manager of the club and is being asked to work with the youngster from Kazakhstan, which I think it is safe to say he probably is not convinced is the right person for the task.

Now what about Simon Lim?

Simon Lim came to this club and took over, surprisingly, from Doug Lee as the finance director of the club.

He then became acting chairman of the club before taking on the role of chief executive.

As chief executive and finance director it is safe to say if anyone should know about the amount of money being spent on transfers, bonuses, agent fees and anything else related to a transfer of a player then this is the guy who should be fully aware.

This is the guy who signs the deal off, at our club Tan has the final say but it is Lim who signs the paperwork.

Tonight Simon Lim is still the chief executive of the football club.

So for myself I believe that Vincent Tan had to make a decision today to either stick with Malky or Lim, but not both.

Obviously I would prefer for Malky to be the one sticking around.

My opinion is that neither Malky or Lim will be with the club considerably longer, I feel that Tan will remove Lim and Malky will move on to pastures new at the right time for Malky.

I have nothing but sympathy for Malky Mackay throughout this crazy affair but will totally understand if he leaves the club for another team should the opportunity arise.

I am sure there will be a massive amount of support for Malky at Chelsea.