It’s hard to be positive…

On today’s performance it is going to be a tough couple of months for us.

I am a firm supporter of Malky Mackay, in that I believe he is the man to lead us but is he perfect, no he is not.

I will keep saying it and that is the man is learning but my worry is do we have enough time to allow Malky to continue to learn ?

It is a concern that our defensive tactics are going to cost us survival in this league.

We played a team today who are struggling, the manager under pressure, fans getting impatient but we set up like we would expect us to against the divisions better teams.

To be honest I wouldn’t be too disappointed to see City play some of the football that Norwich played today.

Let’s be honest if anyone can describe that performance other than woeful would be shocking, I try to be positive and taking a point away from home is massive in this league but the way we managed to get away with a point is what is worrying.

The first half especially was bad and the double substitution certainly helped us tighten things up because we overrun beyond, down their right side especially, Snodgrass, Martin and Howson were finding Taylor an easy target.

We can hope that Cornelius can come in and brighten things up but it must be a concern the lack of opportunities we are creating.

It seemed to lack desire today, there didn’t seem much heart in the performance, I hope recent events have not found a way to make a negative impact on the pitch.

Maybe the South Wales Derby next week is what we need to get us back on track, I don’t know if that makes any sense whatsoever, but do we, the players, fans and club, need a lift?

I would like nothing more than see the players come out all guns blazing and get the crowd rocking next week.

The stats of today’s game probably won’t make pretty reading and we escaped, more than earned, a point on the road.

I don’t to wallow too much so let’s hope we can put this behind us very quickly and put it down as a bad day at the office.