The Vincent Tan circus continues

Simon Lim’s latest statement on behalf of Dictator Tan


To me this Just shows once again how unprofessional our club still is, it also shows how Simon Lim and Dictator Tan know nothing about football and our club.

We are currently in a relegation battle Thanks to Tans Circus this season, the Clown can never shut it, this statement will have only been issued with Clown Tans say so. I can not believe they are still talking total nonsense at this stage of the season. Surely they should be rallying our fans, instead of once again causing a divide.

Our fans are trying to get behind Ole and our team and the Clowns issue this latest statement :roll: :roll: :roll:

Simon Lim is responsible for All those players contracts along with Malky and Moody, Simon Lim wrote them up,signed them off and organised the transfer of all monies, when the shit hit the fan, he went on holiday. Now when everything is calm again, he stirs it all up again.

Tan and Lim your the ones who are dividing and hurting our club.

The Tan Circus continues. Tan Out and take Lim with you :thumbup:

LMA have issued a statement against the Cardiff City statement earlier in the day

By Annis Abraham.