Nine games in and no improvement

How I feel after our latest home defeat to Championship side Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup.

By Annis Abraham

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has now been our manager for 9 games and in my opinion the only decent football I’ve seen was against Villa home for 30 minutes, until Villa changed their tactics and came at us and we were lucky to get a point by the 90th minute, thanks once again to David Marshall.

Away at Manchester City away we gave it a real go. I wasn’t at Newcastle, but the rest of the games for me have been very very poor.

Ole has brought seven new players in and could have brought eleven in if he had wanted to.

Ole said the Jack game was a really big game to him and he knew what it meant. Well all I can say is that game will haunt every Cardiff fan for years to come.

The Fa Cup. Ole said it is massive in Norway and to him he virtually said this is one of the biggest prizes of all and he was going all out to win this game versus Wigan. Well Sorry Ole you got it totally wrong again.

Where is all this attacking football we were going to see?

I know I said I would wait 12 games and hopefully I should have and I can eat my words.

Ole is a gentleman and he seems a sincere person and means well, but to me he is naive and totally out of his depth and I honestly feel so low at this moment.
At the end of the day, fans pay their hard earned money and want results, not fancy talk and promises.

Ole has brought in the players he wanted and has still got time thankfully on his hands and it is still all there to play for in the League.

Yes I’ve said my feelings and opinions and it might upset many, but it does not look good to me.
But, we can still do it. As I’ve said after previous games, all is not lost. We have Hull City at home next Saturday and the next home game is against Fulham. There are no if’s or but’s. We have to win both games. There is no more feeling sorry for ourselves, if we lose these games we deserve to go down.

There is still hope and all is to play for, with Hull City and Fulham home to come. If we win them both, all will change.