I can’t see us escaping

Disappointed doesn’t come close to how I am feeling tonight.

Today was a game that I felt we could not lose if we hope to stay in the Premier League. I wrote in my Echo column this morning that a defeat would be critical to our survival chances but we weren’t just defeated, we were hammered.

I really do believe that we will be relegated now.

The owner took the decision to replace Malky and there are many fans on here who were pleased to see Malky leave but under Mackay we were always competitive, even if the style of play weren’t pretty, we were never hammered and out of a game like we were today.

I have a little sympathy for Solskjaer, you cannot blame him for coming into a Premier League club who had a decent chance of survival, Ole took an opportunity that was offered to him but defensively we have gone backwards under him.

For all those who worry about where the goals are coming from, my first concern is the defensive steeliness we had a few months ago has disappeared and today it culminated in the heavy defeat.

What I find hard to take is the fact that I probably watched some of best football of the season in the first half but individual errors were punished time and time again.

I have always been considered as an optimistic person but I am being realistic when I say I think we are doomed for relegation.

I want nothing more than to be so wrong and it will be monumental if we manage somehow to stay up but nevertheless I will continue to support the team no matter what.

Somebody said to me on the way out of the stadium that ” knowing City we will probably go to Spurs and win ” and he may very well be right but if we are not beating the sides around us, especially at home, I cannot see how we can get out of relegation.

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