Probably too late, but I love days like today

By Annis Abraham.

” Probably too late, but I love days like today ”

Can we start to believe or is it too late ? But whatever I loved today.

I bet on City at 6/1 odds today to win, did I honestly think they would really win? No. So when you do win games like this the feeling is even better, probably too late to stay up but hey let’s hope I am proven wrong on that as well.

I honestly thought we were not fighting on the pitch and believing in ourselves and that for the whole of the first half Southampton were just going through the motions, but were still controlling the game.

But when Cala scored a superb strike, the 2,500 Cardiff fans including myself celebrated like we had just won the league and moments like that have been rare this season, but these are the days we beg for and when they come it makes it all worth while.

I am being realistic do I think we still stay up? prob not, but I am enjoying every moment of today, the passion and singing shown by our fans makes you start to think that maybe we can just do it.

Southampton didn’t look like a team up for a battle and as I said before they were just going through the motions but from the minute we took the lead you could finally see a bit of belief in the team and the fight finally started to show and that’s all us city fans have ever asked for.

Marshall made a fantastic save at nil nil and Caulker had his best game in five.

I thought Zaha when he came on showed once again he can be class when he wants to be and Whittingham had a good game.

There was no individual stand out performances today but what was good to see was they played as a team.

Were we great? No but that 65th minute goal will be looked back at the end of the season as one of our highlights and at the end the celebrations between players and fans was immense.

We played in Blue, did it make any difference ? Obviously not, the same as it is not lucky when we play in red either.

But seeing the 2,500 wearing blue and the team in blue, it was obvious it brought passion and unity between the team and the fans, and we were all on the same wavelength.

Bring on Stoke and Sunderland, they are both there for the taking and while I like many other fans at this current moment are on cloud 9 I am going still believe it is possible.

Is it going down to the wire ?

The blues are staying up.

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