When it really mattered

By Annis Abraham

When the games that really mattered under Ole we got smashed,embarrassed and hammered and before you say here we go another shot at Ole, the facts don’t lie.

In such a short space of time.

Can we all be honest, these were the big games.

Hull City home 4 nil loss
Swansea away 3 nil loss
Crystal Palace home 3 nil loss
Sunderland away 4 nil loss.

Sorry but there can’t be any excuses for this.

What worries me is that Ole was naive and his inexperience as a manager in the Premier League, but at least he had some experience of it as a player,yet he knows nothing about the Championship.

Do you honestly feel Ole will bring us straight back up as thanks to our £130 mill debt created by Vincent Tan we have to come straight back up?