Are Cardiff City in talks to sell star for £15m ?

By Carl Curtis

I heard this afternoon that Liverpool are in talks with City over Steven Caulker.

I know there has been a lot of press speculation about Caulker and clubs including Liverpool have been linked to him but the chap who told me reckons that Liverpool and City are discussing a deal worth £15m.

Personally I am not 100% certain that this is bang on information or just a story that is doing the rounds because of recent press speculation but it does throw up a few questions.

Is Steven Caulker a player you would expect to sell for £15m after signing just a season ago for £8m, also would you think that a deal that much is something City should not turn down ?

One thing that is definite in my opinion and that it is good business by City if they do indeed get £15m for a player that will undoubtedly be looking to move on to strengthen his hopes to play for England on a regular basis.

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