Goodbye, I hope to see you again soon

By Carl Curtis

And there it goes, hopefully see you again soon, would like to say it was good and I thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay but what started out as fun quickly transcended into a farce before the inevitable happened.

Goodbye to the Premier League !

With very little for either side to play for I never expected today to be much other than an exhibition match and in the main I thought that is what we served today.

Big plus points was the performances of two young up and coming stars, Mats Daehli and Declan John, I thought both were giving everything they got even though the match was meaningless in terms of league status, Daehli often proved to be our biggest threat going forward, plenty of chinks and turns troubling Ashley Cole on several occasions and John was looking confident and assured in the left back position.

Even though Rhys Healey didn’t get as involved in his cameo it was good to see Ole blooding some more youth in preparation for next season along with Tom James.

This week the lead up to the game was focused by off field events yet again and as a result we had the ‘compromise’ on my terms statement by Tan released this morning that made the sea of blue even more significant and I think it was by far the clearest showing of blue in the stadium since the rebrand took place.

I got a funny feeling there won’t be as many players departing as some may expect, Caulker and Medel look certain to go but I am hopeful we can hold on to every other player in the squad if Ole wants them.

We need to strengthen the right back, central midfield and the striker positions in my opinion and Ole needs to get his team settled early doors next season and then we may have a chance of challenging at the top of the Championship.

If we can get the off field issues sorted and Ole can sell for decent money the players who want to leave and the ones he doesn’t want then possibly we can succeed, there has to be big issues resolved first though.

I enjoyed going to Premier League grounds and have yearned for these fixtures for decades but it has been spoiled by other matters, I was praying we could have stayed up and resolved our problems whilst at the top table but I doubt that would have been the case anyhow.

I am looking forward to a break from football but no doubt I will be restless in just a few weeks of chores and DIY around the house, I was fortunate enough to see all 38 Premier League games and fingers crossed I will say the same next year after another year back in the Championship.

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