Mats Daehli and Declan John

By Annis Abraham

Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2
Crowd 27,716

Many fans said to me how well City played against Chelsea today, well it seemed to me more like a pre- season friendly, but with a massive BLUE crowd.

Also to me this was sadly a nothing game.

Well done to the City fans for bringing the pride back to our club and showing a Dictator he cant dictate us.

The two players that stood out for me today were Mats Daehli and Declan John.

Both class today and both saying they want to stay and play for us next season, to me this is fantastic news.

They are both going to be class next season in the Championship.

I had to wait an hour after the game today for my daughter Annaise to meet her hero Declan John, a true gent.

Bellamy had no time for the fans outside, ignorant in my opinion.

Great to see Rhys Healey and Tom James make their debuts.

Ole in my opinion after the Caulkers and Medels vanish,We will have a good squad to start with and with 5 or 6 players added to the squad I think we will have a strong squad next season.

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