Annis Abraham Jnr : My thoughts on the latest changes at Cardiff City

Today Monday 9th June 2014, Cardiff City Football Club confirmed that chief executive Simon Lim has stepped down from his role, the club also confirmed the appointment of Ken Choo.

It seems being a CEO under Vincent Tan means your job is not safe, in the last 2 years Gethin Jenkins, Alan Whiteley, Simon Lim and now a new executive committee has been formed, sorry but I’ve just got to laugh, it just the seems the circus goes on and on under this present regime.

No doubt the Tan lovers will say its all for the good of Cardiff City, which is what they say whatever Tan does.

Personally I feel the job was way to big for Simon Lim and he was well out of his league, I really hope the new man has a lot of knowledge of a football club, as we dont want to be on chief executive number 5 by Christmas.

I agree Ken Choo looks good on paper and has a good CV but if you pay enough money you will get the right people, but then it only works if Tan bothers to listen to them, thats the big question?

The two main decisions Vincent Tan needs to do, is give our club its proper identity back, ” BLUE ” and make our club debt free as told to us over 2 years ago.