Carl Curtis : I don’t agree about David Marshall

There are 3 players that many fans and the media expect that will leave Cardiff City this summer, Stephen Caulker, Gary Medel and David Marshall.

I go along with the notion that Caulker and Medel will leave but I am not so sure about Marshall going.

If Arsenal want Marshall then the question must be will he play or will he be the number two goalie behind Szczesny, if so is that what Marshall needs for his career?

Apparently Arsenal have told Marshall he will come in as the number two.

I accept that money will obviously play its part but I do believe Marshall will want and need to be playing regular.

So if it is not a top 10 side and Marshall can take the number one position then I can’t see him going to a lower end Premier League club but would stay with us and fight to get us back up.

Hope I am right.

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