Is Mehmet Dalman playing a dangerous game ?

Our chairman Mehmet Dalman has stated that the club will want £10m for Medel should any club be interested in buying him, on the face of it you would have to consider that as good for business.

Couple that with the reports in the media that City value David Marshall at £15m and also want to receive the money they spent on Steven Caulker, my question is are City possibly causing themselves a financial issue should we keep these players by expecting high values and we fail to go back up to the Premier League ?

Should we not sell these players and fail to go up what value would these players have then ?

As a fan it is romantic to think we can keep hold of possibly our best players and most valuable but are those players at their most valuable for sales right now or do we gamble and hope that we go back up them, otherwise I suspect if we didn’t get promoted then their values will crash.

The chairman, Dalman, is trying to raise the offers the club may receive for any player in the spotlight, which is fine, but as a paid employee of the club then he must be careful that he doesn’t turn possible suitors away with such high valuations especially when they go to press as he will inevitably corner himself into a position he may find difficult to move out of.

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