Vincent Tan injects more money in to Cardiff City

By Annis Abraham

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I believe Vincent Tan put/loaned Cardiff City more money in May/June 2014 in the region of £20 million.

But what I dont know is what for?

We are getting massive parachute payments.

The New Ninian Upper Stand was paid for by grants.

We know Tan wants at least £8 million back for Caulker, £10 million for Medel and has turned down loan offers.

We know he wants Kenwyne Jones of the books £37,500 a week.

Was the £20 million for Ole’s war chest to take us back up?

Are we trying to sell Marshall to recoup some money?

As I have said before Langston has now been virtually paid in full the £24 mill, just over a mill left to pay as its paid monthly. Once paid Sam/Langstons Director then leaves the board.

Tan while we were in the Premier League was still putting in/lending the Club £2/£3 mill a month, its unbelievable when you think about all the money we received for being up there.