The worse two seasons supporting Cardiff City

By Annis Abraham

Worst ever 2 seasons supporting Cardiff City/ So Now it’s time to enjoy my football.

In 43 seasons of supporting Cardiff City, the last 2 seasons should of been the greatest of all time,but in fact for me they turned out to be my worst 2 seasons.

Yes thanks to Tan,but this topic is not centred on Tan as you could argue we would not have had the last 2 seasons if it was not for him, I am not posting this to go over this debate as its been done to death already.

I am BLUE and I will never change and it will never be the same until we return to our true.

We have marched,demonstrated,sung the songs,argued with fellow fans and even fallen out with so called friends,who if we’re real friends in the first place we would not have turned against each other,so for me,there’s no going back with some of them.

But also what really hurt me,was that I could not enjoy my football anymore,even in the dungeon days I loved my times following City,but for me what Tan did and then how some fellow City fans reacted completely destroyed the last 2 seasons. I honestly thought of calling it a day,like many others already have.

But thankfully seeing our stands with City fans now virtually Blue, I felt proud again and seeing youngsters wearing Blue and proud to wear Blue showed me we still are a proud club.

As to Tan, we won’t change his mind and he now won’t change our minds, so for me now, if I continue like I have been and felt for the last 2 seasons,then I would be better of walking away,so I have decided to just go there now and support team,still sing a few Blue songs,but at the same time,sing the songs that also support our manager and team and go enjoy the football as its not the manager or teams fault. The last 2 seasons,all I have thought about at games was our identity,my dislike for Tan and how certain fans turned on fellow fans.

We will get our true identity back one day,but we won’t under Tan,we can continue to show him how proud we are of our true identity,but we can also finally start enjoying our football and that’s what myself and my daughter will be doing this season..

I am going to start enjoying my football once again, it will be exciting, we will score plenty and we will concede plenty,but we are certainly in for a hell of a ride this season.

Rant over,football now takes over for me.


How do some of you still feel?