Just think what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must of been going through?

Just think what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must of been going through?

By Annis Abraham

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Last season when we were losing week after week and not just losing,but at times being humiliated on the pitch, Ole kept on smiling and continued to be cheerful and kept his dignity,even at the player of the year night,Ole had time for everyone and kept saying he was excited about this coming season. Fair play to him as before Ole joined us,most of his career has been nothing but success,so this must if been a might shock to him.

What he must of been going through deep down,none of us will prob ever really know,Ole has since said he had, had continuos sleepless nights last season.

Now On the forums Ole took stick and especially from myself,I still feel I was right to as they were awful displays last season.

But as fans we never turned on Ole at the matches.

Ole came over to the fans at every home and away game last season and applauded us no matter how much it hurt,many managers would storm of and forget the fans.

This Summer Ole has been given full support, money wise and in my opinion it looks like Ole has spent well and brought together the best Cardiff City squad I’ve ever seen.

This season,I was expecting non stop attacking football and a weak defence,but so far quite the opposite, the defence has looked pretty good, yes when we’ve gone forward we have taken our chances,but not as many chances created or goals as I thought,but we have secured the points and that’s to me what matters most.

4 games gone and 3 wins and a draw would satisfy most managers or fans. A lot can still happen and there will be many ups and downs along the way thus season.

Myself personally I am still reserving my judgement on how the season will go,but so far I am loving every minute if it and it certainly looks like us fans are in for an exciting season ahead.

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