Annis Abraham : Malky Mackay and Vincent Tan

By Annis Abraham

After reading and finding out that Malky Mackay was allegedly racist to players and made more than just one email and text and continued to do so, I have no intention of defending Malky and I would rather now not discuss him again, in fact he makes me feel sick.

My father was Egyptian and I am very very proud of my back ground.



I said before this season started I would still be BLUE and always will be but I would not harp on about Vincent Tan/politics of the club etc and I would start to enjoy my football, which I have not for the last 2 years due to the stripping of our identity and the Tan Circus.

The football has been for the last 2 months the main topic on here, on the streets, pubs and at the matches etc, you’ve had some idiots try and ruin things and have agendas but we got rid of all of that.

My View :

I have known for months why Malky was sacked regarding an email sent by Iain Moody to Malky Mackay, so did a few others but we were asked not to put it out as Malky Mackay and Iain Moody had done what Vincent Tan had asked, made a public unreserved apology and Tan even though deep down was still fuming accepted it and that was supposed to be the end of that.

No fraud by Malky.
What Malky Mackay did in emails was 100% wrong, totally out of order, in fact disgraceful but Malky has been punished for it, he lost his job and any compensation, and for months has been out of work. I will repeat Malky was totally out of order for what he did and vile.

As to what Malky achieved as a football manager at our club will never be forgotten by myself or thousands of other City fans.

Great that our fan base was finally concentrating on supporting Ole and our team, all excited and most of all enjoying our football.
Malky was finally getting his life back on track and had been accepted for the Palace job in the Premier League, due to his fantastic CV on the pitch where it really matters.
But once again Tan would not let sleeping dogs lie, even though Malky had done exactly what Tan had asked him to do.
Palace and the Football Authorities were sent a dossier on Malky, sorry but I totally disagree with this.

That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter and now for me, it’s back to watching City and enjoying the football and debating it.

Many will agree with me, many will disagree with me, I will respect your opinions.

That’s my opinion and belief.