Carl Curtis : Jekyll and Hyde performance leaves fans calling for Pulis

By Carl Curtis

Well Ole certainly didn’t surprise anyone by making changes to his line up yet again but he did surprise us with his shape, his team and positions of certain players.

Aron Gunnarsson, Kiko Macheda and Joe Ralls came into the starting eleven, I was shocked at Ralls starting but even more so at Gunnarsson playing most of the first half as an attacking midfielder.

But Ole looked like he got his tactics bang on, with Ralls and Gunners both scoring excellent goals.

Some may argue that Norwich were poor in the first half but City were doing all the pressing and were containing Norwich well.

Kenwyne Jones was working tirelessly to track back and win the ball as well as doing a good job in playing as the lone striker, and yet again was our best defender at set pieces.

Half time and everything was looking good.

But what on earth happened in that second half ?

We sat back from the kick off and allowed Norwich to work they way back into the game, once they scored the first I think everyone in that stadium could tell it wouldn’t be long before they got the equaliser but Ole did nothing to try and prevent it.

Tactically naive is the only words I can say to try and explain what happened in the second half.

We had no answers, we had no leaders, we lacked direction, when the equaliser was scored I looked at our team and they were dejected, all trudging back towards the half way line with their heads facing the ground, it was not as if we had conceded at the death.

Where was the spirit to roll the sleeves up and prepare to dig in ?

I thought playing a 4-5-1 that was so times more of a 4-4-1-1 was a good shape but the wrong players in certain positions and the substitution of Kenwyne Jones made no sense whatsoever.

I heard fans saying after the game leaving the ground and on the radio to get Tony Pulis but I don’t think that would be the right choice if I am honest.

I don’t even know if sacking Ole after this game is even right.

But regards Pulis, had we got him when Malky was sacked I could understand and have welcomed it as we needed a manager to get the players to fight for survival to try and avoid relegation but I don’t believe bringing Pulis in what be the long term answer.

Would City fans want to see hoof-ball each week ?

Ole must get a win at home on Tuesday as far as I am concerned otherwise I believe the calls will come from the stands for him to go.

The manager must take credit for the squad he has assembled but deserves the criticism for not getting the best out of it.