Ross Bowden : Time to act now before further damage is done!

By Ross Bowden

Is Sean Morrison any better than Hudson? I don’t think so and I don’t think we would have conceded 4 today if Hudson was playing. Hudson would have kept us more organised. Morrison is a giant at 6’4, but way too slow on the deck and if you’re looking slow in the Championship, you’re going to be way off the pace in the Premiership. The fourth goal was embarrassing and showed Morrison’s lack of pace up.

Would any other team in the Championship throw away a 2-0 lead at half time and lose 4-2? Ole has got rid of the wrong players. We could have done with Don Cowie massively today for doing the dirty side of the game, doing the unnoticed running, picking up the loose balls etc! Also, can anyone explain why we finished the game with no wingers on the pitch? 😯

I’ve said all along we will never achieve anything under Ole and sadly, I have yet to see anything to prove me wrong. We used to have a close nit group, a squad of strong characters who were organised and committed.

Ole turned us into a soft touch last season, he has spent 4 million on Morrison this season who hasn’t improved our defence at all and failed to strengthen our main weakness of the team, centre midfield. In fact, losing Medel, Mutch and Cowie and replacing them with only Dikgacoi and Adeyemi (although I rate Adeyemi and can’t understand why he start today) has weakened our centre midfield even further.

No Guerra, Eikrem or Burgstaller in the squad today. So much talent not in the squad and you see Blackpool taking a point off Wolves today, something we couldn’t do a few weeks ago. We are now 15th with what must be the most expensively assembled Championship squad in history!

Get rid of Ole now before any further damage is done and bring in Tony Pulis please, although Pulis will never work for a man like Tan sadly!