Annis Abraham : I thought some our fans let themselves down last night

By Annis Abraham

” I thought Some our fans let themselves down last night ”

First of all, No I am not an Ole fan regarding his management,in fact one of his biggest critics for months,as many know, but yes I have always respected him as a person as he is a gentleman,honest,sincere and respectful and a great player from the past.

Last night I stayed behind after the final whistle, to see our fans,players and Oles reactions at the end.

Ole clapped every end after shaking hands with the players/ref/linesmen etc After clapping the Ninian Stand, he shook a couple more players hands and walked over to the Ninian Stand, many,many fans not only booed him, but abused him,insulted him and stuck their fingers up to him.

Yes Ole has failed us,but not for the want of trying, he is just not up to the job and is to inexperienced, not his fault, our regime chose him to come here. Ole has never been arrogant or big headed, unlike some previous managers.

Surely there was no need for that? booing, yes you paid your money,but abuse him NO.

Come on Cardiff Fans were better than that.