Ross Bowden : Vincent Tan has two choices – Pulis or failure!

By Ross Bowden

‘ Vincent Tan has two choices – Pulis or failure! ‘

You would think Tan would learn by now! Tony Pulis, a manager who has never got relegated in his career, a manager who has spent his career taking over struggling teams with limited funds and improving them, a manager who got an inferior Stoke team promoted to the Premiership and stabilised them as a Premiership club and the manager who performed a miracle with an inferior Crystal Palace side last season. Tan chooses to ignore Pulis for his wish of appointing a young, British, up and coming manager.

We are not in a position to gamble on a young manager as all young managers are still learning and will make mistakes! I find Tan’s number 1 target of Paul Hartley bizarre. Yes, Hartley got consecutive promotions with Alloa and then got Dundee promoted, but Ole won the title with Molde for the first time in their clubs history. The Championship is a completely different kettle of fish! It’s a division who requires an experienced manager who has been there, done it and knows the demands of the division inside out. Paul Hartley has a fantastic track record and may go on to become a fantastic manager in the future, but we are not planning for the future, we are planning for right now.

Neil Lennon is also being linked, but what has he done apart from winning yet another SPL title with Celtic? Would Lennon handle a more competitive league? Would Lennon be able to deal with not winning every game and getting more challenged as a manager? Again, that would be a gamble for me. I like Lennon as a person, he has a strong character and wouldn’t take any nonsense. I have no doubt Lennon would turn us into a more committed, street wise outfit capable of grinding out results. But so will Pulis and the difference is, Pulis is proven.

Tan, time to swallow your pride, bring in Tony Pulis, then keep out of things and allow him to manage us his own, trusted, successful way. We do not need a young, up and coming manager. A young up and coming manager will be more easily influenced, simply because young managers are still inexperienced. Bringing in a young manager will allow Tan to bring in a Director of Football (yes man) as the “go between”. If Tan gets his way with this, it will be yet another chaotic episode of interference and failure for our football club.

Pulis is available, he wants to come here, he’s experienced, he’s successful and most importantly, he’s succeeded at this level already with a Stoke team way inferior to our squad. That Stoke team contained players of limited ability like Mamady Sidibe!

It’s an absolute no brainer for me. Do the right thing Tan, do what’s best for our club and do what will be best for yourself! Just think of the money you will be missing out on if you get it wrong again this time!