Cardiff City – MINI-UPDATE


Up to 30 Welsh supporters are receiving 4 match bans, 6 month bans and 3 year civil bans for the celebratory pitch invasion against Andorra. Letters are in the process of being sent out and some have already been received informing fans of what punishment is being handed out to them, the majority of the 30 fans are from North Wales, a small number of Cardiff City fans have already received their bans and a couple of City fans are appearing in court next week.

Some good news, the Birmingham and Millwall games, home and away, have had [b]ALL[/b] restrictions lifted, not even a RV. We have gone away from full bubble trips against those teams to no restrictions.

Leeds will remain a semi bubble, which means it will be a voucher exchange at the service station and then those travelling on coaches will be escorted to the stadium. Leeds fans are fuming about the voucher exchange and that they are only receiving 2,100 tickets.

The use of e-cigs being used in our stadium is under review, it was discussed at the travel group meeting last night and even though the club had thought of banning them, the supporters group unanimously voted against banning them, the club will now wait until March 1st 2015 when the Welsh Assembly will announce its plans for e-cigs.

Russell Slade is looking to bring in 3-4 loan players from the Championship and lower leagues, players who are up for a battle, players who will fight, be aggressive because he feels Cardiff City are a soft touch at present. Slade already knows the players he wants to bring in.

Slade has been told that he must sell players or release players on loan to raise money if he wishes to buy any new players.

Tan is still keeping the club afloat as he is putting in several million pounds a month as there is a shortfall each month.

Scott Young’s contract to become part of the coaching staff is still there, even though Slade wants Kevin Nugent to join. Regarding Gabbidon is future as a coach is unclear even though he currently has a contract as a player/coach.