Carl Curtis : Don’t think anyone expected that


We were outfought and outmuscled by Millwall today, they were too physical for us and we didn’t cope with their in your face approach at all.

We didn’t make any good use of our wingers, very little creativity on offer.

Losing a game of football hurts but it is the manner of the defeat that needs to be analysed and the sad truth is we deserved nothing from the game overall despite having a decent first twenty minutes.

Apart from those twenty minutes and the last few minutes we really were poor for the majority of the game.

When Noone shot, I thought his effort was going in but when Forde saved and the ball fell to Le Fondre we were celebrating what should have been the inevitable, how did he not score ?

From the view we had I thought Marshall fell over one of our players feet and was not fouled, which fans were shouting for when Millwall scored.

We know from our previous two games that our team is better than what we saw today and I expect we will see a reaction that betters today’s performance.

Holloway got the better of Slade today, he had his team set up to bully us and press us every time we had the ball and we went for the long ball route yet their Centre Halves were eating up everything we launched at them.

Approximately 850 City fans were in the stadium and fair play we were in good voice for the majority of the game.

Our coaches were held back for 45 minutes after the game and the feeling on this coach is very down.