Annis Abraham : CCFC meeting last night

‘ CCFC Last Nights Meeting ‘

I was invited along to meet Russell Slade at about 4pm yesterday, but unfortunately I could not make it due to prior arrangements.

Slade met with five fans and later was joined by Scott Young.
Slade still intends to have a fans forum at a later date.

The ones I have spoken to so far, say they were impressed with Slade and how his experience shone through.
What they did say was Slade will need time and he must be given this.

Apparently our Scouts had not had any meetings or even letters from our club in the last 7 years. That has already now been sorted and Slade has had a meeting with them all.

Once again our fitness level was brought up again by Slade, saying how bad it was and we are now past 50% off achieving everything he wants on that front.

Slade has set a new business plan in place with Tan.

Slade has been told to cut the playing staff by at least 12 players, Slade wants no more than 24 players in his squad.

Russel Slade is very much in to his stats & figures and he says we were bottom of the Championship in all categories when he arrived.

It was said that the club had virtually gone 4 years backwards under Ole, If thats true then Dalman and Tan have to take the blame for that as well.

Russell Slade 100% was brought in by Tan and Ole apparently was 100% Dalmans’ signing.

Mat Daehli was brought up and Slade thought that our fans were 50/50 about him staying.

Slade is bringing in new players in January, the type he feels are right for his team.

Over all the group of fans were impressed by Slades honesty and realise Slade has a tough task ahead.