Annis Abraham : Cardiff City’s silent/lifeless stadium

 ‘ Cardiff City’s Silent/Lifeless Stadium? ‘

I fell in love with Cardiff City in the early 70’s mainly because of the Passion that Cardiff City Fans once had.

Opinions Please?

Why do you honestly think our stadium is so lifeless nowadays?

What can those in charge, Wayne Nash etc do to get it back?

Is it the Rebrand?

Is it the football on the pitch?

Is it due to the Owners?

Is it the Fans responsibility to get it back?

The fans are leaving in their thousands,why?

It is a big concern, because everyone I speak to are talking about it.

What the Media are saying after Cardiff City’s 5th Consecutive home win v Reading on Friday night.

To say the atmosphere at the Cardiff City Stadium during this encounter was like a library would be doing a libraries a disservice. I’ve been at livelier libraries to be honest. Whether it was because it was a Friday night, I don’t know, but it was as bad as I can remember it here. It wasn’t a matter of a lack of numbers though, there was 20,000-plus at the game, the problem was a lack of sound from the stands.

The big picture might tell you many Cardiff supporters feel disenfranchised following events and decisions made by the club in recent seasons. The problem on the pitch is, of course, that the Bluebirds team doesn’t really supply anything to get the pulses racing.

The football is tedious and that has a way of transmitting itself to supporters. Even the celebrations for the goals was muted and I’ve never really witnessed that before. The home support was out sung by a few hundred Reading fans. A poor showing indeed, but until the Bluebirds players supply the thrills on the pitch the stands may well respond with stony silence.