Carl Curtis : Is he trapped/why does he remain?


What is keeping Vincent Tan at the club ?

This thread is not designed as an anti-Tan topic, hopefully this can be debated sensibly.

Of course there is an obvious fact that he is owed an awful lot of money that he has loaned to the club.

I am in no doubt that Tan is not enjoying his ownership of the club, he does not come to matches, home or away, in fact he has not been to one City game this season.

There are cost cutting exercises taking place throughout the club, from the manager’s wages to his backroom staff. Match-day support staff have been cut from programme sellers to stewards. Players will be offloaded in January and I suspect, but this is obviously just my opinion, there won’t be big money signings by Russell Slade. Is this the start of the Tan exit strategy ?

Is Tan cutting back in readiness to leave or sell the club ?

A problem with that is, and it is surely a big problem, the club is nowhere near the worth what Vincent Tan is owed.

Is Tan effectively trapped ?

Does anyone believe that Tan wants to stay?

Does Tan want to get the club back to the Premier League so he can at least try and reclaim most of what he is owed and save face at the same time ?

But is the cost cutting reducing our chances of promotion ?

The rebrand/Malky affairs have brought a lot of embarrassment and criticism toward Tan, no matter what your position is on either issue, you can’t deny that Tan has brought embarrassment to himself on a number of occasions.

Despite promises to convert his debt to equity, it has still not happened.

He will never lose face by reversing his ridiculous rebrand.

He will never have the backing of the majority of fans, too much water has passed under the bridge.

Tan recently said that the fans had ‘done their worst’ and ‘what else can they do?’, I read those comments at the time and read them as a taunt to City fans, proving to me that he has little compassion about the fans feelings and is driving a wedge further between ourselves and him.

When TG was here he told shareholders that the Malaysians ‘are custodians of the institution’ but Tan is not a custodian he is behaving as a dictator, he does not engage with supporters but instead taunts them, he has not promoted Malaysia well by his antics and our brief season in the sun became a media circus about Tan and Malky.

Vincent Tan does not like our fans; his family and close friends advise him to quit Cardiff City, he is losing money, not attending matches, he is ridiculed by the media and a section of fans, so why is he still putting himself through it?

Opinions please, but please try and keep your responses on the right side of decency.