Annis Abraham : Cardiff City struggling to sell match tickets

Cardiff City Now Struggling to Sell tickets for games & many fans not even bothered
Its bad enough seeing thousands of fans not bothering to turn up at our home games this season even though they have already paid. Apparently at some home games up to 4,000 City fans are not bothering.
Weve already lost thousands due to the Rebrand,then relegation, now fans who have paid are not turning up in larger numbers than ever before.

Also our Away Support has been dwindling rapidly and now even Watford away tickets are struggling to sell.

For the first time in about 10 years, so far this season every away game other than Brum away has been pay on the day for our fans.

The Club needs to act and realise something needs to be done?

There is major concern as our media from the papers to the radio are talking about it and the facts are there,thousands upon thousands of empty seats every home game.

City even offered cheap seats for Ipswich and Forest home,but still no increase in attendances?

We have a major problem and it needs addressing by those who run our club.