Carl Curtis : Ditch the negativity

If there is one way to lift any negativity among City fans then an away win is the way to go.

Being totally honest I didn’t expect anything from our visit to Vicarage Road and would have taken a point beforehand. There was grit and determination in the team today and credit to Russell Slade, he made a subtle change to the line up, swapping Jones for Macheda.

Jones had a huge part to play in our goal today and as much credit I can give to the big Trinidian, the same credit must go to Slade for making the change.

I forgot what an away win felt like and after waiting for so long for one to come, I admit to being very nervous in the last 20mins plus injury time.

Early on in the game I thought we were getting done down their left wing, too many crosses were coming in from Connolly’s side and I thought Slade had made a mistake in choosing him over Brayford at right back. But midway through the first half, Connolly got a last ditch block on a shot that would surely have got Watford an equaliser.

Our centre halves were immense today and restricted Watford to shooting from outside the box especially the longer the game went on.

Looking at the table this evening clearly shows how well Russell Slade has done since taking over, we can all moan about performances but like I said last week it is all about results and Slade is turning things around. Two clean sheets in his last two away games, getting four points in return.

We got Rotherham home next and I think we are all expecting a win at home, if that happens we will be in a great position going into the Bournemouth game.

I have enjoyed our day and to get a win I our travels makes it all the worthwhile, City fans were in superb voice today and supported the team to the end, that’s the type of support that is the City support I know and love.