Annis Abraham : Cardiff City know how to lose their support

My View/Opinion


This was dire today, I’m now thinking did the Watford game ever happen.

The City fans left the match wondering why they had made the effort, as City certainly did not.

Cardiff City 0 Rotherham 0

Cardiff City line up :

Cardiff City v Rotherham Marshall, Brayford, Connolly, Turner, Morrison, Whittingham, Gunnarsson, Kim, Noone, Jones, le Fondre.

Cardiff City subs: Moore, Fabio, Ralls, Daehli, Ravel, Adeyemi, Macheda.

Crowd 20,419 including about 400 hundred Rotherham fans.

Once again there looked barely 15,000 fans at the game.

I believe the pressure was on Russell Slade to deliver a victory today, no matter what, but I am starting to wonder if he has a plan B? or does he know how to open up some of the poorest teams in this division because Rotherham like many others we have failed to beat are one of them.

The Bluebirds went in to this game with 5 consecutive home wins behind them,facing a Rotherham side that had not won for over 8 games.

The game started with no urgency and the atmosphere was once again awful at home.

The first bit of life, came in the 19 minute and that was from the crowd not the team when we sang ” We will always be Blue “.

For 25 minutes Rotherham had most of the possession, the game was dire so far, then a shot was fired in to our goalmouth from Rotherham and Turned had to quickly kick it out.

By the 34 minute we had not had a shot on goal.

Then in the 36th and 37th minute Craig Noone had two good runs at their goal but the finishing was not there.

Kimbo and Brayford were now and again able to put some good passing together.

Half time 0-0 was met by a few boos by the City fans.

Rotherham started the second half more lively, Marshall had to make a good save in the 49th minute.

The match just seemed to be getting worse.

In the 65th minute Jones was replaced by Macheda and for me Jones had been more than lazy today, as he had done nothing.

In the 68th minute another save by Marshall.

72nd minute Macheda had a shot but some how it just rolled along the Rotherham goal line, our best chance so far, in fact I think our only chance.

73rd minute Rotherham hit the crossbar.

79th minute Fabio came on for Connolly and a cheer went up.

84th minute Ravel Morrison came on for Le Fondre.


Man of the Match for me, no City player, Pringle number 18 for Rotherham, for me he terrorised us.

I honestly cant say any City player deserved it today.

If I was Rotherham, I would be disappointed that I had not taken the 3pts from us.

For me this was awful today, I said to someone, 2pts dropped, they replied, you mean a 1 pt gained after that garbage.

I suppose you could say another clean sheet.

But overall on this performance we are a middle of the table team this season.

The match finished with loud boos from the Cardiff fans.

Next up a tough trip away to Bournemouth.