Carl Curtis : That Cardiff City display deserves an award

That was not just a game of football, that was the greatest football match ever played!!

I have never witnessed such an occasion as today, where it was played in such a terrific manner in the true spirit of Christmas, have you ever seen a team that had the generosity that Cardiff City gave to Rotherham today.

At this time of year it is all about giving and being kind to your fellow man and we took it to another level today and give the ball to Rotherham as much as we possibly could.

I think FIFA should award Cardiff City a deserved trophy for their generosity and kind spirit and hopefully it will be lesson to the 20,419 who witnessed such an event today.

Not only did each City player give Rotherham the upmost respect today but they managed to do so and not lose the game, that is remarkable and a huge positive to take from today.

Another clean sheet, that is now three shut outs in the last four games, we are undefeated at home under Russell Slade, we are on a run of four games without defeat.

We played a team who are not in the bottom three of the division and we kept them at bay.

I came out of the stadium and couldn’t understand the negativity I was hearing from fellow Cardiff fans, even when the full time whistle went there was booing of our players, I checked the scoreboard before I left the ground just to make sure we hadn’t lost the game!

We got a point today and we were able to leave our talented and creative players on the bench, alright I will concede we did go a little too far when we brought on Ravel Morrison for the final six minutes but imagine what would have happened if we gave him longer game time or even brought on someone like Daehli who is a little magician, direct and dynamic.

But doesn’t it show the strength we have, that we can pick up a point at home and a clean sheet and afford to keep our best talents on the bench.

We are so fortunate that we have a modern stadium that is often rocking with atmosphere, we got so much talent in our squad that we cant get them all on the pitch at the same time, we are keeping clean sheets at home and away and we are on an undefeated run of four league games.

I was driving home and thought I could be controversial tonight and write about things in a negative manner but I have listened to people complain about constant doom and gloom and I concluded that there is not a lot to be negative about this evening, we are on the brink of greatness and as I said at the start, the spirit in which our team played today should leave us all feeling high at this time of giving.

We are in the draw for the third round of the FA Cup this Monday, yes the third round of the FA Cup!

No more do we have to go through the scrap of two rounds to get the chance of playing one of the big boys, we are one of the big boys and there will be many teams hoping that they can have their chance to play at the Cardiff City Stadium and experience what we are lucky to witness every other Saturday.