Annis Abraham : Ordinary Bournemouth versus all star Cardiff City


Tomorrow our Club/Team full of highly paid players and Internationals will be playing a team which has no real stars and I think at best maybe one International player from the past. Weve just come down from the Premier League and they have come up from what I call the old division 3.

Bournemouth are a team who play together as a team, where as Cardiff are a team of individuals.

They have no debts and play in a small stadium with small crowds and pay low wages.

To be fair you have to admire Bournemouth for how well they are doing as Cardiff have a team full of highly paid players where as Bournemouth is run on a shoestring.

For me tomorrow will be a very interesting match and I honestly believe if we play to our potential with the quality we have at our disposal,I can not see why we cant get at least a draw.

So I am going for a 2-2 draw but our team should be good enough to get a win.
Your opinions/score ?