Carl Curtis : Vincent Tan continues to ignore our fans

Lots of issues for club to deal with, but the red kit still the main one for many supporters.

It has been two and a half years since Vincent Tan radically rebranded our football club.

I say ours as in fans. We are stakeholders in the club and we have a voice.

Vincent Tan can choose to ignore our calls of a return to blue, but in my opinion the rapport between the club and its fan base is getting bigger week on week.

I have spoken with many fans who really are unhappy with the club today, some saying that they have no intention of renewing their season tickets next season unless there is a return to our traditional colours.

The lack of atmosphere has been discussed time and again and it’s clear to me that the rebrand is part of the issue.

As a club we need to be pulling together, that is the fans, the owner, directors, the manager and the team if we hope to be successful.

There are many issues facing the club today from the financial aspect to the need of returning to the Premier League.

But as far as many of the fans are concerned, the paying customers, a return to the blue would at least give us back the colours we identify Cardiff City FC with.

The fans will never give in and like it or not we will be here way after Vincent Tan, or any other owner who takes over, for that matter.


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I personally believe that many supporters are turning up this season out of habit and not necessarily from enjoyment. We are lost, we don’t recognise the red team playing in front of us, we don’t want to be in red and some of us will never accept our team playing in red at home.

I sense, through talking with fans, many have simply had enough. The protests will continue and could be bigger than before.

On the football side of things, it hasn’t gone to plan this season but we are still in with a very good chance of making the play-offs at the least.

The club needs the support of the fans for that to happen. A return to blue would do that, I believe.

It is not the only issue and in some people’s eyes it is perhaps not the most important one. But to thousands of supporters – and I’m one of them – it very much is.