Annis Abraham : Getting sacked in the morning


My View/Opinion

Cardiff City 2 Watford 4

Crowd 22,207

CardiffCity: Marshall, Brayford, John, Ecuele Manga, Morrison, Adeyemi, Gunnarsson, Whittingham, Noone, Le Fondre, Jones.

CardiffCity subs: Moore, Fabio, Connolly, Turner, Macheda, Ralls, Harris.

Cardiff City had not won in the league since 29th November 2014,gaining only 2pts from 12pts and today was about to get worse for the Cardiff faithful.

Cardiff City Fans in their thousands sang during the game to Russell Slade ” Your getting sacked in the morning ” and ” You don’t know what your doing ”

Is it really Slades fault?

Would it matter if Tan sacked him? Tan appointed him,what would his next puppet manager be like?

Tan,never allowed Slade his own coaching staff.

But I will say this,Watford I believe had 78% of the possession,once again a team dominating us.

We have no leader on the pitch,no players with character, But Tan made sure all of them left our club and yes thats exactly what we had under Malky Mackay and its needed now ASAP

The stadium felt like a grave yard today,right up till 19mins and guess what? 27seconnds as City fans raised their Blue Scarf’s
Le Fondre headed the ball in, 1-0 Cardiff   , yet most City fans just continued to sing ” We are Cardiff City,We will Always be Blue ” for what seamed the longest one yet.

It had not been all City by the way, Marshall had to save over the bar in the 2nd minute,but we had looked like we would give Watford a game,Noone had a shot wide and Le Fondre had an effortless shot saved by Watfords goalie,created thanks to the hard work by Kenwyne Jones.

City’s players were all soon about to drop their heads and virtually give the game to Watford as Watford missed an open goal in the 41st minute and within 30 seconds scored 1-1.

I looked at our team and the Cardiff players just looked like they had already given up.

In the 45th Minute as City looked asleep, Watford made it 1-2.

Half time 1-2

The second half for me, it looked like Watford just played neat/good football and used us for a training session.
We had no shape and no desire.

in the 60th minute Slade made a double subs Gunnarson(injured) and Adeyemi off, bringing on Ralls and Kadeem Harris.

But it made no difference,City were not closing Watford down,Watford were all over City.

76th minute Le Fondre was replaced by Macheda.

Watford then made it 1-3 with a stunning goal, then minutes later wrapped it up by making it 1-4.

Kenwyne Jones scored in the 92nd minute to make it 2-4 but we were already well beaten and deserved to loose.

With seconds to go David Marshall saved with his legs.

I stayed till all the players left the pitch to a chorus of boos from the City fans.

At this rate,we might have to start worrying about relegation.

Am I worried? Very very worried.


Up next Colchester this Friday in the FA CUP, City fans will be glad of the break from the league games.