Annis Abraham : Imagine this and it could happen

” Imagine this and it could happen “

We are currently on an awful run and if it continues we could end up in a relegation battle, then who knows what the outcome would be?

Newport County are currently 5th in the 4th Division on a terrific run (3 go up automatically), a club owned by fans and our little neighbours who detest us, but to be fair to them, loyal to their club and not sold their souls.
If they were promoted?
We could end up in the same division odds at the moment 100/1 but would you bet your house against it happening?

Most Red Glory hunters have already left our club but sadly also a lot of loyal fans have and I dont blame them, we could end up on par with little Newport County once again.

So was it really worth it, the stripping of our identity, many fans told me to move on when I spoke out, now they dont go themselves

Its unbelievable that this could even happen but thats how bad we have become.