Annis Abraham : Why are you not renewing your season tickets ?

Why are you not renewing your season tickets for 2015/16 Season?

If its because of the Rebrand, then why did we have 22,500 season ticket holders nearly 2 years ago,then 18,200 season ticket holders renew in February/March 2014?

I have Hated/Detested the Rebrand from day one,but I chose to Support Cardiff City No matter what and continue to keep our Club BLUE within the Stadium, Many many City fans told me to move on regarding the Rebrand. Now the same ones are not renewing?

In 2012 I never went with the flow of Red and got stick for it massively and today I seem to be going against the flow again and getting stick again, but I have remained consistent and always been for the BLUE & OUR BADGE nothing else.

I totally Respect those that walked away in 2012, but why now?

Surely you should of not renewed from day one?