Annis Abraham : I can see our club returning to Blue if . . . .


Ive been told it really hit home to Vincent Tan, Ken Choo and Mehmet Dalman the empty Cardiff City stadium on Friday night and since then its been all stations go to sort things out with our fans.

They also dont want to look like theyve destroyed a Football Club.

Plus,I know this sounds strange,but Russell Slade,Tans appointment has been speaking strongly to Tan regarding the divide in our club and that it can never work and its hurting the team.

Tan wants out,Tan needs Premiership football to restore his pride and most of his money and a divided club will not get him this.

I am expecting City to announce that Our Blue will be restored ” IF ” the meeting goes well on Thursday,when I mean well, our fans to be united and respectful and then it to be announced maybe within 48hrs after the meeting has taken place.