Annis Abraham : As the meeting happened tonight from Cardiff City Stadium

19:49 Dalman says he is for the blue as he brings the meeting to an end.

19:48 Dalman say he see the same faes at away games and if the blue will bring more back he will back it.

19:46 They would advise Tan against it at the moment but ask us to be patient.

19:44 Ken Choo says it was a good and positive meeting and Dalman agrees with him. They both thank everyone for turning up. Concluding Dalman says we all want blue. Now its on to debt to equity.

19:42 Ken Choo now speaking

19:40 Dalman reiterate about board meeting tomorrow am and it will be announced soon after. The atmosphere is positive.

19:39 Club received over a 1000 emails about this meeting.

19:35 MP says Tan will be hero is he return us to blue tomorrow.

19:33 Keith Morgan says return to blue and merchandise will fly out of the door.

19:30 Gwyn asked for Tan to ask 20,000 fans to buy ST. He got shouted down. Dalman said he will not ask Tan to do that. Gwyn shouted again but got ignored.

19:29 100% vote for the big bluebird.

19:27 Just had a vote 90 out of 90 voted for the blue

19:26 Dalman asks question if the fans will return if they announce blue tomorrow.

19:25 MP says we can have Malaysian flag on blue kit. The guy has got some funny looks.

19:21 Dalman says he will recommend blue home red away with new bade and big bluebird

19:20 Sain Branson says red away can represent Tan

19:18 Dalman continues that it in Tan culture but if he returns us to blue we need to respect him for it.

19:17 Dalman say they can advise Tan and claims Tan will not leave this club in lurch but RED is important to him.

19:16 Dalman is now speaking

19:15 MPs finish by saying if Tan agrees to return us to blue we can all be winners.

19:14 MPs claim House of Parliament talk about us and cannot believe this has happened to us.

19:13 MPs are now speaking. This should be interesting.


19:08 Dibs says this is the worse it has ever been.

19:07 Mike Roderick says we have to have our identity back.

19:05 Annis speaks and say Tanwas lied to and we never accepted the rebrand. We are a divided club. Sian Branson support this with her say. Both say its back to blue as one is the way.

18:56 Borley says he saved club 3 occasions. He cotinues by saying Tan gave us a generous package to save us.

18:54 Gwyn Davies now takes the stage. He thanks Tan but says his vision is not working. He says Tan could be a hero and says it never was about the colour. Got Isaacs to say we nearly went out of business.

18:52 Open floor. A councillor is first to speak and is talking shite.

18:50 Trust are speaking. Our history of 100 years meddled with.

18:48 Vince announces he want adidas shirt in blue. He get applauded

18:45 Vince ask about badge…Vince informs board he want blue kit and big bluebird badge. Vince thanks Tan for investment. Vince say he feels sorry for Slade but he wants blue back then unity.

18:44 Vince Alm speaking

18:42 Agenda Colour Badge Finance…They will be a board meeting tomorrow AM.

18:36 Roger Gibbons and Damon Seattle are present there.

18:35. Dalman enters the room and a count of 90 people has been made. Meeting started as Dalman addresses everyone.

18:30 Over 50 pack the place out with the likes of Borley, Isaac, Slade and Young present. Extra chairs are having to be brought in.