Carl Curtis : News on new Cardiff City badge, season tickets and blue


Around a month or so ago, a thread appeared on this message board stating that there were plans in place for the rebranding of the stadium to go further with the colour red, a company had been instructed to come up with plans for altering the look of the stadium inside the main concourses, the bar areas, changing rooms and corridors of the CCS.

Some may think that it was a load of tosh but I had two conversations at the club before the Fulham match and was told that it was absolutely correct that these plans were in place and work was due to start this month.

Thankfully Vincent Tan listened and stopped the plans going any further.

Another interesting point is that I was also told that the club contacted the Football League some 10 days before the announcement of our return to blue to seek permission to change our home kit mid season and not wait until next season before implementing the changes.

The Football League contacted each Championshio club and all had to agree on the change, which they did, but Fulham and the match referee had to agree for Saturday’s game in particular as it was short notice.

With regards to our next badge, I am told that the club is looking through decades of City badges and are intent on having a badge that Cardiff City fans will relate too, there are 5 badges that are being designed and Mehmet Dalman and Ken Choo will present the final badge to Vincent Tan as the badge City fans will want.

This bit is speculation on my part but having been told this, I think there may be a vote to choose from a selection of 5 badges but it is just a guess on my part based on what I have been told.

I was at original meeting when the rebrand was first discussed with 13 fans and we were promised the badge we were shown was a temporary design and the fans would have consultation on the badge the following season but as we know that never happened.

Mehmet Dalman and Ken Choo are mindful of previous failings and have contacted a design agency to incorporate previous elements of our badges and to also include and respect Vincent Tan’s culture on the new designs.

The badge we have today was rushed and the powers that be are desperate not to make the same mistake again, they are thinking of fans and really want to get the new designs right.

Season tickets for next season will go on sale in February and the club are hoping to make it just a £25 approximate increase for those who are on the current price freeze. Those fans with season tickets but not on the price freeze will be reduced in line with the new pricing structure.

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