Annis Abraham : Not impressed at all with what I’ve just heard


Ive just got home and I have been told Russell Slade had dropped Declan John to the Under 21’s squad to train and kept him away from the first team,thank fully John is now back with the first team. I know for a fact like Mat Daehli,Declan John is another good sportsman with total Respect for his Superiors,I am wondering whats behind all this once again?

My point is how many players has Slade tried to upset since his arrival? lets be honest on this,the team/squad dont look like they are playing for him and on many occasions I have heard he has lost the dressing room.

Also Slade has decided now to keep all the Under 21’s team away from the first team in training,whats this all about?

Opinions on this?

Scott Young and Rowberry during training of the Under 21’s over the last few weeks,are telling our players not to play from the back and stop the passing around, in future you all lump the ball forward as quick as you get the ball.