Annis Abraham : So what really is the truth ?



Simon Lim ex CEO

ken Choo current CEO

So the accounts for May 2014 will hopefully be put out publicly soon,I believe they were late to the League?

But over the last year many of us were led to believe City made a profit during there Premier League season as the money coming in were the richest of all time?
Now we are led to believe we made a loss?

Also Vincent Tan on many occasions has stated he has put in over £170 million in to our club?

I put out the other day that I believed our debts had finally come down massively due to all the revenue we had received and still are receiving,but apparently they have not?

So how badly is our club being run and still being run?

Who are we to believe,when were given information from the club itself?

I am still shocked that the debt has not fallen massively?

Our Chairman now states Tan will not be making our club debt Free,Debt to Equity until the Langston deal is finally dealt with,yet they have already paid them £16million apparently without knowing who they are paying?
For 4 years now we’ve been told our club would be made debt free and given many different excuses on the way?

I honestly find all of this totally bizarre and am lost by it all?

I honestly would like to know the truth and if the club really is now being run properly, as for the last 4 years it seems to have been out of control and we have seen up to 6 different CEO”S come and go.

Thanks to Keith,an accountant,we have been kept updated,but I believe he is a bit shocked by it all as well?

Keith Morgan aka Since62 wrote :

I have not seen the May 2014 accounts , but I was at the meeting on Tuesday when both the CEO and the club`s financial controller lady stated that the accounts wil show a loss. I expressed my surprise as the previous CEO had said that they would show a profit of between £10m and £12m.