Carl Curtis : Cardiff City Mini-Update

‘Mini-Update Wednesday February 25th’

As we know and expected the red kit has been a failure in terms of sales this season but what I was told at the end of last week surprised me.

Apparently the company in Ely who supply the kit has had 90% of the red shirts sent back by the club which totals around £25k, it is claimed that there is faults with the kits, ie. Badge not positioned correctly or stitching is not perfect ect

Normally an expected fault return would account for 3-5%.

Also the Blue kit, which there is not a lot of stock in the club shop of, is sitting in boxes at the warehouse of the manufacturing company.

Further to being told this I was told yesterday that the long sleeve tops are now being turned into short sleeves and all the tops are being debadged.

I don’t know for certain but could it be that with images being released this week of the new badge, makes me think that we may see the kit restocked in the club shop but with the new badge on ?

If that is the case and of course if the new badge is accepted by fans then it could help the club shift an amount of shirts that were possibly destined for the scrap heap, a good marketing campaign on its way perhaps ?

Vincent Tan is expected to be at the game on Saturday and I don’t think it is just coincidence that the images of the new badge are expected to be revealed by ‘the end of the month’, my feeling is that the club are confident the fans will like the new design and hope that it will show Tan in better light and the rebrand will then be totally reversed.

On the football side, or more the coaching, it is evident that Paul Trollope has had a positive effect on the squad and its coaching and as part of his involvement will see Danny Gabbidon leave the club at the end of the season but he is no longer part of the coaching set-up.