Carl Curtis : Cardiff fans – You can’t have it both ways


I have been critical of Russell Slade, his selections, tactics, performances and our results but when he gets it right I will also give credit.

Getting it right may not mean that we get a win, it could be that there is an improvement in our performance, it could be making a substitution to try and improve something so it is not only about results at the moment, we are going through massive changes in the squad and it won’t happen overnight so there needs to be an understanding from us that things won’t clck straight away.

What really frustrates me though is fans have an opinion on Slade and won’t or don’t want to give him any credit for anything.

If we lost to Wigan and Rotherham away, fans would be screaming and shouting that Slade is useless and needs to go but when we beat these teams it is a case of that they are rubbish at home and we should be beating them anyway or better still Paul Trollope is the guy responsible for the results.

Sorry but if Slade is to blame for the defeats then he must be responsible for the wins.

I am not saying that Slade is the perfect manager and we are going to scale great heights under him but at least give him credit for the good things when you blame him for the bad spells.

Before the game last night, fans at the game were criticising Slade for picking Macheda, I even had texts before kick-off claiming he is barking mad and has lost the plot but I didn’t hear anyone saying the opposite after Macheda scored a cracker and justified his starting place.

The midfield consisted of three players under 20 years old last night and had we been turned over then I am sure there would have been critical comments about his selection.

Nothing wrong with being critical but at least be fair.