Annis Abraham : One of the reasons why so many City fans are not renewing

” One of the Reasons why So many City Fans are Not Renewing ”

This for me and many other similar stories answers a lot why so many are not renewing their season tickets for Cardiff City next season.

I know him well and he has been very loyal for years,a very decent fan

I also witnessed stewards coming in and telling our fans not to sing or look at Charlton fans.

I asked one of the main stewards why so heavy handed when there is no hint of trouble,reply ” Orders from above”
I thought football was suppose to be about football and banter?
The Club do not help themselves,they actually have helped ruin any little atmosphere we had left.

At this current moment sales of season tickets for next year are at there lowest for many years.

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Jamaine Simmonds‎
As I sat amongst a row of empty seats on Saturday “watching the dictator stewards telling home fans not to stand sing or even face the away supporters ” I have realised that this is not the club I started following in 81.Football is about being around mates,creating an atmosphere.the football itself is not the sole reason for going down the city.I don’t feel part of this club anymore.The season can’t finish quick enough.I won’t be renewing next year as this has probably been the worst year of supporting the bluebirds I’ve had.The life has been sucked out of our club and the stewards down there are doing their best to completely kill off the atmosphere all together.!!!!!