Carl Curtis : Leeds United are out of order

Football League have spoken to Leeds United FC and they have said ok,then we will give Cardiff City no more than 500 tickets  :o
Vince Alm
Leeds Utd update;

Leeds United FC have only offered Cardiff city 500 tickets for next weeks fixture without restrictions. The supporters club has declined this offer and will maybe look to boycott running coaches to this fixture but instead run a coach up to Leeds to demonstrate instead. We will discuss with our other travel group members and urge them also to join the boycott. It will then be up to the individual if they want to attend the game or not if they qualify for a ticket.
Further discussions are taking place but this is our stance as it stands at the moment.
We are awaiting confirmation what parties made this decisions and where our protests will take place. As an organisation we will be engaging with the Football Supporters Federation to support us in our actions and look to see if a legal case can be brought against those responsible.

:o  :o

Leeds United are being totally unreasonable over the tickets for our game in 10 days time, Leeds are trying to enforce restrictions on Cardiff City fans travelling by coach to Elland Rd, our club is holding firm and want the same treatment afforded to their fans earlier this season repaid on a reciprocal basis.

That means we should travel without any need for a voucher exchange but go to the game as we have done at any other ground this season and be respected but Leeds don’t want to play ball, their fans were able to travel by any means they wished earlier this season without restriction and Cardiff City are fighting our fans corner in demanding that the same attitude is applied to our supporters.

The Football League have had to get involved.

I am running a coach to Elland Rd for the game and because our club are unable to release ticket prices (because they haven’t got any tickets as yet to sell) I am going to ask for £65 to cover the cost of an adult ticket and travel, if I owe you anything once ticket prices are finally announced I will refund the difference.

The coach price is £30 and I am basing the ticket price on being a maximum of £35 for an adult.

Once ticket prices are announced then I will adjust the total cost accordingly.

This is causing major headaches for the club, the ticket office, the travel group and any fan who is trying to plan going to Elland Road because Leeds Utd are playing silly buggers but credit to our club for sticking up for our fans.

The coach will start in Neath and pick up at the usual stops along the way, I have already got 20 names interested so let me know as soon as possible if you wish to travel.