Annis Abraham : Sadly still not good ?

” Sadly Still Not Good? ”

Down the ticket office today,to buy my Ipswich away tickets  :thumbright:

Season ticket sales are still poor and most of the staff looked bored stiff.

Have you still to buy your Season Tickets?

Can anything change your mind to buy it?

Why did over 16,000 renew for this season?

We now have Our BLUE back and a fairly Good badge  :thumbright:  :ayatollah:  :bluescarf:  :bluescarf:

We have not been relegated,we are still a Championship club for next season. :thumbright:

Prices have not increased for everyone.  :thumbright:

Even results have improved  :thumbright:

Ive bought mine and my families in March  :thumbright:  :ayatollah:  :bluescarf: