Carl Curtis : Has Slade had a fair crack of the whip ?

Russell Slade will be pleased no doubt that he ended the home campaign with a win and he also just about managed to beat a record of the lowest number of home points gained in a championship season by one point.

It is always good to see City win but we should always be honest in defeat or success and today we didn’t look that impressive as a set up against an extremely poor and already relegated Blackpool.

Eoin Doyle was enjoying his game today and perhaps there is hope that striker could just be a player of use to us next season but again in all honesty i think Velikonja and Cornelius could have done the business today as well but at the end of the day the lad scored two, albeit from the penalty spot, but it was his overall play that won him the plaudits and not his goals.

It has been a topsy turvy season for City and the fans to say the least and as much as I hear people say Russell Slade is a good bloke and he has had to trim the squad and the wages I still cannot find the positivity to state that he is a man that can take this team forward.

Has he had a fair crack of the whip ?

The answer is a definite no, the fans were never going to give Slade the time for that to happen, people can argue about it all day long but another question should be asked, should Russell Slade have been handed the opportunity to have a crack at the whip ?

Again it is a no for me.

Not because Vincent Tan appointed him but because he has not done anything at the level we are at, with the the squad players we have and had, he has never had success as a manager.

If the club want to move forward and at least try and get people committed back to watching and supporting the club there are many things that need doing and one of the first things is they must replace Russell Slade.

That doesn’t mean a manager who is going to spend a fortune but if you have the right people making the appointment based on what a prospective manager has done to date then at least the fans can see that the club is still trying to do its best even if we are not shopping at Harrods.

Slade has said after the game that he was unaffected by the chants of ‘Slade Out’ during the lap of honour, saying: “It doesn’t hurt, I think today maybe showed a lack of understanding.”

Russell there is no lack of understanding, the fans simply don’t think you are good enough, it is that simple, it is easy to understand.

There are managers out there who can work within parameters and still provide success, Russell Slade is not one of those managers unfortunately for us and the club.

I don’t even think or could argue that Slade has done a good job, yes he has slashed the wage bill but the squad that remains is still better than the league position we find ourselves in.

So in my opinion if this club wants to move forward then removing Slade is one of the priorities it must tackle as soon as this campaign is over.