Annis Abraham : Cardiff City interesting account figures etc


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Accounts for the year to 31 May 2014

Cardiff City graphic
Ownership Club states that Vincent Tan is the 87.5% owner

Turnover 20th highest, £83m (up from £17m in 2013)

Gate receipts & matchday £8m

Premier League including TV £64m

Sponsorship & commercial £11m

Wage bill 18th highest, £53m (up from £33m in 2013)

Wages as proportion of turnover 64%

Loss before tax £12m (down from £30m loss in 2013)

Net debt not stated; £130m loans from overseas shareholders

Interest payable £1.6m

Highest-paid director Not stated

State they’re in

A single Premier League season remembered for owner Vincent Tan insistently wearing the club shirt he changed to red, Malky Mackay’s sacking in December 2013 and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s forlorn fading smile as the Bluebirds fell to relegation.

Figures illustrate the Premier League’s breakaway land of plenty – City received almost £60m more TV money than the £5m made in the Championship in 2012-13. That reduced the dramatic loss incurred to win promotion but Tan still increased his loans by £64.5m to £130m. Relegation, despite lucrative parachute payments, will have hurt.