Carl Curtis : We failed today

A real shame about today was Bolton not taking something off Birmingham which stopped us getting a top ten finish.

I wrote on here a couple of months ago that success this season after 30 odd games had been played would be a top ten finish, a turnaround in away results give hope to us achieving that finish.

I said if we finished in the top ten then Russell Slade had earned the right in my opinion to be given the chance to try and take us forward next season.

I am not convinced that Slade is the right manager for our aspirations but I have to admit, if performances are like what it was today then there is hope for next season.

It looks very much like Slade will be given the opportunity anyway no matter what the fans want so we will have to see what is done in the summer in terms of players coming and going and just hope that there is consistency to performances that match today’s endeavours by the players.

I wanted City to win today and get the top ten finish, we were close but just missed out by a point but it was good to end of the season but being totally honest I can’t say I am that disappointed for the season to end this year and have a break away.